Alberto Garutti

Alberto Garutti (1948 - 2023) was born in Galbiate (Lc). Since 1989 he held the chair of painting at the Brera Academy and since 2002 he taught at the Faculty of Architecture of Venice (IUAV). He participated in the Venice Biennale (1990), in Havana (2000) and in Istanbul (2001). His search for an open dialogue between work of art, spectator and public space, has earned him the invitation to make works for cities and museums all over the world. Garutti has executed permanent public works that are capable of bringing about relationships and links between public and private institutions and the city’s social fabric. In 2000 he made one of his best-known works in Bergamo, Ai nati oggi, which lights up the street lights of Piazza Dante every time a child is born at the local hospital. In 2009, in Rome, Garutti intervened in the MAXXI building site of Zaha Hadid with an installation entitled: In a room of the new MAXXI museum the lights will vibrate when in Italy a lightning will fall during thunderstorms. This work is dedicated to all those who, passing from there, will think of heaven.