Alessandro Piangiamore

Alessandro Piangiamore was born in Enna, 1976. He lives and works in Rome.

Piangiamore’s poetic is ever oriented in a “reparatory” function of arts, some sort of non-defensive escapism, an evasion (or a filter) from the constant flux of images that the information age feeds us.

On the other hand, Piangiamore reaffirms, in his work, the power of imagination as such, its ability to stop, to deviate, to stem the river of stimulations that erode our capacity of analysis.

It is interesting how, in his research, the artist does not draw from a proper form of imagery but rather, directs his glance on the natural, quotidian and contingent world, that is, to something we constantly have in front of our eyes, and then re-elaborate it into forms that overturn its perception.