Antonio Biasiucci

Antonio Biasiucci was born in Dragoni, in the province of Caserta, in 1961. In 1980 he moved to Naples, where he began to work on the spaces of urban peripheries while researching, at the same time, about personal memory, photographing practices, environments and people from his native town. In 1984 he began a collaboration with the Vesuvius Observatory, carrying out an extensive work on active volcanoes in Italy. In 1987 he met Antonio Neiwiller, actor and theater director: the professional partnership that arose between them lasted until 1993, the year of his death.

As always in his work, Biasiucci tends to a serial and fragmentary approach to reality, and its transfiguration through photography. Starting from his first and best known series of the 80s and 90s such as Magma and RES, to the more recent ones from the 2000s (Pani, Volti, Codex), in Biasiucci’s oeuvre there is a constant attention to the narrative possibilities of photography: often focusing on the particular, the detail, it returns the viewer an expanded vision, a universal sense of things linked to the primal aspects of existence.