Daniele Puppi

Born in Pordenone 1970, lives and works in Rome, is amongst the most exciting Italian artists of his generation. The technologies used normally (video projectors, synchronizers, amplifiers, sub woofers, speakers, microphones) function as activators and amplifiers of the viewers perceptive abilities, primarily visual and auditory. The viewer, as an integrated part of the work, is called upon to enter in a new and alienating spacial-sensory dimension. Daniele’s works are born contextually from a direct experience of space. Every space is a reality with its own life, with its own perceptible essence, full of forces in potential motion: an undiscovered ‘displacement’ that can unleash a flood of contained qualities and characteristics. The work takes shape, toward a finality that he pursues in confrontation with the space, and is created from a synthesis of the following desires: to produce a movement that holds and simultaneously involves all the points; to find a means to ‘materialize’ at any point: to try to construct a new space ‘adjacent’ to that which is already perceptibly manifest.