Elisabetta Benassi

Elisabetta Benassi was born in 1966 in Rome, where she lives and works. Using cultural, political, psychoanalytical, and artistic references to the Twentieth century as well as to salient and controversial contemporary issues, Elisabetta Benassi creates works that move along a difficult space, that of our times.

She is aligned with the conceptual tradition, employing a plurality of media and techniques that reference artistic traditions of the twentieth century, her personal history, as well as broader political and cultural themes, including psychoanalysis and cultural memory. What emerges in her oeuvre is a critical examination of contemporary identity and the conditions of modernity.
She uses installations, video, and photography to create strong emotional evocations allowing the viewer to bring things into a different moral focus. On the backdrop of her works are questions on the condition and identity of our present, on its connection to the historical past, which she prompts us to reconsider, reading it against the light. Reconstructing an interpretation of the material world and extending the field of human knowledge are fundamental aspects of her work.