Gianluca Malgeri & Arina Endo

The collaboration between Gianluca Malgeri (1974) and Arina Endo (1983) began in 2013, when the two artists embarked on a research trip to India. Inspired by the various playgrounds in the gardens of New Delhi, they started documenting these places photographically, which led to their first series of collages, a prelude to their subsequent copper sculptures.

Berlin served as the laboratory where the project took shape, through a layered observation of the city, considered a sort of "toy town." This context pushed the artists to reinterpret the story of Pinocchio, developing reflections on themes of growth and freedom from social conventions, recurring themes in their work.

The project debuted in 2015 with the exhibition Edge of Chaos in Venice, curated by Vita Zaman. Over the past seven years, their research has extended to Japan, where they explored local playgrounds, expanding their photographic project. The results of this research have been exhibited in three solo shows: Homo Ludens (2015) at Magazzino, Rome; Mary-go-round (2019) at Ayumi Gallery, Tokyo; and Let Me Count the Way (2023) at Loop Gallery, Tokyo.

In 2024, the artists returned to Italy and have planned a new solo exhibition in a gallery, accompanied by a publishing project. While collaborating on these common research projects, Malgeri and Endo continue to pursue individual studies and projects.