Gianluca Malgeri

Gianluca Malgeri was born in Reggi Calabria in 1974. He studied at Accademia di Belle Art in Florence and he attended the course in Visual arts at the IUAV in the University of Venice. His work always has a kind of double register: on one hand, Malgeri has an attention and unconventional glance, everything in his personal vision looks like myth. On the other hand, his creative process adapt constantly to his own abilities, intended like the result of a educational process, built on attitude, sensibility and direct experiences that are jealously personal. On these two registers Malgeri sets his practice, producing artworks that, instead of adapting to an environment, do maintain their difference, that often appear in a form of friction. On these frictions, the most personal aspect of his art do resides: linked to the minoritarian, clandestine, the adult, the surprising and the unforeseen. Using a diverse arrange of media, from photography to drawing, from installation to sculpture and collage, he supports this development and makes it autonomous in every aspect.