Jorge Peris

Jorge Peris (born in Alzira, 1969 - lives and works in Valencia and Los Angeles) is known for creating site-specific installations that challenge the viewer’s senses as well as the conventional physicality of the gallery space. produced mainly with local materials and thus bringing a deep rooted sense to his work. Much of his production is organic, so life continues pulsating in them during the exhibition.

The artist operates with the given space and transforms it by adding or subtracting architectural elements. He creates a new situation, felt as real, yet unsettling, in which the sensation of familiarity falls apart.

Whilst this space challenges the relationship with the viewers, the viewers question their conventional perception of it. The works alter the fabric of their host location, often precipitating the latter into a premature state of decay.

His immersive works simulate nature’s entropic processes in an accelerated form and they possess a unique temporal dimension.