Mircea Cantor

Mircea Cantor was born in 1977 in Oradea, Romania. He lives and works between Paris and Cluj, Romania. His childhood, marked by the growth in a communist country, and his memories, are the starting point for many of his works. Cantor is positioned as an observer of different realities and cultures and in his works focuses on social differences and borders between countries. His videos and installations are highly poetic and evocative. Attention to formal and aesthetic research overlap strong political meanings, translated into simple but universal values.

Cantor makes work that centers around themes of cultural history, memory, and displacement, echoing his upbringing in Romania during its tumultuous transition from state socialism to liberal democracy. Best known for his evocative, metaphorical videos and mixed-media installations, in his works, he examines competing ideologies, war, displacement, the self and the other, and multivalence.

Keenly aware of the multitude of meanings that a word or an object can contain, he deliberately mixes materials and uses language playfully, producing poignant, challenging works that defy neat categorization.