Ouattara Watts

Ouattara Watts American, born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He studied at L’Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux- Arts Paris. Lives and work In New York. In other words, Ouattara Watts is a citizen of the world. As he puts it, “There’s no point being a painter if your work doesn’t speak to people everywhere”. Watts is a neo-expressionist painter. He is a jazz enthusiast, who merges music and art in paintings and collages by using recycled everyday materials. With sustained colors, dynamic forms, hypnotic signs and symbols, Ouattara Watts explores spiritual connections that transcend geography and nationalities. By fusing found objects, photographic clichés or other raw materials, Ouattara's painting evokes the multicultural identity of the artist and gives us different levels of reading, socially and historically. Always imbued with lyricism and wit, he combines imaginary worlds and magical visions, urbanity and ancestrality, to show us the metaphysical relations between beings.