Serge Spitzer

Serge Spitzer (1951 - 2012) was born in Bucharest and moved to New York in the eighties, he is considered one of the most important artists of his generation. Since the late seventies, many of Spitzer's most demanding works have been realized as large permanent or temporary installations in important international exhibitions, such as Documenta 8 and the Venice Biennials of 1999, Istanbul of 1994, Lyon and Kwangju in 1997. Both when he uses compact materials like a steel beam, and when he uses apparently weak like a wire, his work is animated by a sculptural sensibility for precarious equilibrium and by the imaginative and physical complicity of the spectator. Even when he uses industrial products or experimental technologies his works maintain an everyday, normal and somewhat ironic aspect. Very complex processes of development find solutions that are deeply familiar, strongly evocative and conceptually allusive in the physical dimension, but also sensitive to the social and political context.