4 Volte Io


Solo show


25.May.17 - 25.Jul.17


Via dei prefetti, 17
00186 Roma


Magazzino is delighted to announce a third personal gallery show for Portuguese artist Pedro Cabrita Reis, following on from his shows in 2006 and 2012. Cabrita Reis is back in Rome for a gallery show two years after presenting his work La Casa di Roma, which has remained on display ever since at the MAXXI Museum in Via Guido Reni.

The artist has chosen to develop this exhibition by starting from a measurement and a canon – his own body, a frequent feature in his works, through sculpture, painting and photography. The four resulting works span the gallery’s two spaces through the dimension of four bodily positions: standing up, lying down, leaning, and with open arms. As so often in his work, Cabrita Reis starts from the real and then moves towards the abstract, using materials and elements from industry and the realm of construction.

4 Volte Io pursues a topic that, starting from the body, develops in space, cadenced by dimension and perspective in a rhythm calibrated by volume and colour.

Since the early 1990s, Pedro Cabrita Reis has made masterful use of architectural materials including cement, bricks, wood, steel, metal, beams and actual fragments of architecture, which he juxtaposes with elements from the visual arts such as enamels, pigment and neon light to create poetic, imagination-led works of great political value, capable of revealing memories associated with the context in which they are located and from where they come. The artist’s work revolves around the issues of habitation and building. He develops his work in relation to space (understood as extended territory), using simple objects associated with everyday life to create installations that expand until they become imposing and complex structures, capable of enveloping the entire exhibition space.

Exhibition views