Altre voci, altre stanze


Solo show


31.Oct.02 - 7.Dec.02


Via dei prefetti, 17
00186 Roma


In a period in which urban evolution is moving in the direction of the “Generic City”, as it has been defined by the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas in his book S,M,L,XL, in sprawling urban aggregates without history or roots, characterized by variable identity in constant transformation, artists are inventing and constructing spaces in pursuit of a precise, definite, unmistakable identity.

While the Generic City, this complex, elusive contemporary phenomenon, is “a place freed from the confinement of the center and the tyranny of identity a city without history large enough for everyone equally exciting and boring, without distinction, in every point as superficial as a Hollywood studio, which can produce a new identity every Monday morning”, on the other hand artists create personal, paradoxical environments where nothing is predictable or left to chance, but in which every element interacts with the visitor.

Daniele Puppi works on space by recording, on video, the dynamics and synergies that develop between the environment and the subject that spends time there. Every work by Puppi entitled “Fatica” (Effort), followed by a number, shows the artist as he performs an action inside a space. The action, or the effort, transforms the space itself, revealing new aspects of the place and new possibilities of experience of a specific site. Later the artist projects the video in a video-sound installation in which virtual space and real space overlap, revealing new and extraordinary facets of the everyday world, the latent energies of spaces we use every day.

“Every space is a reality with its own life, its own essence to be perceived”, Daniele Puppi writes in a self-portrait published in Tema Celeste, “it is the potential of forces in motion. An unprecedented ‘shift’ can trigger qualities and characteristics never before expressed.”

For the Magazzino d’Arte Moderna of Rome the artist is working in the gallery on a video-sound installation on the space and architecture of the place itself, in the historical center of Rome, full of the past, but also very active on the international contemporary art scene.

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