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Group show


5.Mar.21 - 30.Apr.21


Via dei prefetti, 17
00186 Roma


Jonas Dahlberg’s videos Untitled (Horizontal Sliding) (2000) and Untitled (Vertical Sliding) (2001), feature empty interiors whose reality is both enigmatic and suggestive. The slow movement of the camera reveals one room after another, evoking archetypal spaces that look familiar and foreign at the same time. Light seeps from under closed doors, but there’s no reason to think anyone’s home, or rather, in their rooms. Appearances, of course, prove deceptive. Dahlberg’s sets are architectural models, built to a circular plan, and filmed with a centrally positioned rotating camera. What seem to be tracking shots are really 360° pans, describing loci that inevitably read as nodes in a labyrinth–a subtly scary one, since its vertical and horizontal extension implies the impossibility of finding an external vantage point.

Gianluca Malgeri & Arina Endo’s works, that include both collages and sculptures are part of their research about playgrounds that started in 2013. This attention led to an ample photographic documentation that was the starting point for a first series of collages that drafted the subsequent – and natural – shifting of the project to the third dimension through sculpture and maquettes, directly related to the images assembled in the collages. Whereas the first articulations of the project were related to more static and isolated structures, seen like impossible buildings or islands, through the years the works have shifted progressively to a more combinatorial and communicative dimension, where the single items can be easily identified as organic elements of a whole world.

Storia della Storia by Sze Tsung Nicolàs Leong was realized in collaboration with Judy Chung during their 2019 residency at the American Academy in Rome. is a series of black and white photographs that mainly picture Italian interiors and that embody a glimpse of history from ancient times up until today. The project allows us to observe a broad image of history and time, an in-progress that reveals how the way we understand time has changed during the years. Together, the photographs and texts depict how the physical and conceptual traces of the different eras exist concurrently today, and how aspects of the past have been displaced into the present—in essence, how certain times and histories can exist in other times and histories.

West Of Here (2020) is a series of black and white views of Los Angeles, that Leonardo Magrelli realized taking inspiration from the renowned videogame Grand Theft Auto V. The boundary between the reality of the places pictured in the images and their artificiality in tridimensional graphics, is the territory upon which Magrelli focuses his research, namely the relocation of places distinctly “recognizable” yet virtual in fact within the photographic field.

Exhibition views