Solo show


19.Apr.07 - 31.May.07


Via dei prefetti, 17
00186 Roma

Magazzino d’Arte Moderna is pleased to announce Diamante, the first solo exhibition in the gallery space of work by Jorge Peris.

His interventions reflect upon the meanings and variations of the concept of dimension and its related possibilities - they are an invitation to test experience as the application of an ideal attitude in life.

The artist mines our capability to discern, to judge, forcing us to a given situation, to a new state of things. His works are like ‘non-places’, lost or suspended, where the constant assertion of opposites and the distance that separates them is at the core of their construction.

The deriving tension and disorientation leads the viewer to search for a new equilibrium – the artist’s forced action upon the space triggers the perception of loss of control over it and its expanded limits, transporting us to other worlds, other dimensions.

Jorge Peris works in real time, researching those frequencies in the surrounding environment, detecting its rules and mutations; he observes the consistency of the surface and with a violent action tares its ‘skin’ off with the full awareness of the incidental, the error inherent in this action - the unpredicted as an escape way.

The installation presented in the gallery is the projection of itself, deconstructed and reassembled actively undergoes its own transformation. The exhibition space becomes and is thought to be instrument and means of analysis, the context in which to play amongst different dimensions, the movements and accelerations of space as a kind of teletransportation.

”…There is no need for a device, for artifice, the work is real”.

Exhibition views