Solo show


15.May.01 - 30.Sep.01


Via dei prefetti, 17
00186 Roma

The photographic act enables Antonio Biasiucci to face up the problem to which every artist try to give a solution: give shape to the chaos, to a matter that is magmatic and in continuous growth. In his case, the challenge is very explicit, everything is brought to its essential terms: the natural elements, the Earth, the water, the air. His objective is capable to focus images that are misterious and have the evidence of an epiphany at the same time. In that way, also the most ambiguous shapes become natural, as discovered from an ancient time, they guide us in a double travel inside the matter and the memory. The stages of this journey are images of the sea, the volcanos, the solfatara that, although shot nowadays, seem to come from places of the past, mythical and desolated, far apart from our world.

In Biasiucci's photographs the hardness of the matter is combined with the work-discipline followed by that natural disposition towards the beauty and the grace, typically italian: the result is an image that belongs to a classicism, out of time but also modern since the basic aspects of the human condition are not changed. One can say that Biasiucci gathers the big heritage that in the last century was brought from Rossellini's Neorealism and Visconti to a hard lesson of Giacomelli.