Solo show


16.Dec.08 - 31.Jan.09


Via dei prefetti, 17
00186 Roma


“My vision is not based on any country or continent; it’s beyond geography or what can be seen on a map. Even though my pictorial elements can be located, so they can be better understood, this is all about something much wider. My paintings refer to the Cosmos”. - Ouattara Watts

Magazzino is pleased to announce the one-person exhibition of the African artist Ouattara Watts. Ouattara Watts places in his works cryptic ideograms, religious and multicultural symbols, numeric and scientific equations, floating abstractions. Joining his African background with the experience of the West, Watts’ paintings juxtapose elemento from both worlds, suggesting many interpretations that deepen into his social cultural and historical well. In his latest works since his inclusion in Documenta 11 and his exhibit at the Hood Museum of Art, Watts amalgamates signs and symbols from spiritual literature. His work recently exhibited at the Whitney Biennale 2002 and the PS1 Contemporary Art Center articulates a complex international sensibility. He has developed a wide vocabulary of symbols and formsranging from visual to linguistic, numeric and scientific-with which he communicates his dynamic vision.

This exhibition presents new works that continue to explore the artist’s multinational identity in contemporary society, as well as the spiritual bonds that break down national or geographic lines among individuals.