Pani e Volti


Solo show


23.Mar.11 - 24.Apr.11


Via dei prefetti, 17
00186 Roma


For his third solo show at Magazzino, Antonio Biasiucci presents a selection of works that include three important series by the iconic photographer from Naples—Pani, Volti and Ex-voto. In I pani (the bread), forms emerge from the intense darkness of the black photographs and food par excellence of the people is reintroduced as mysterious images: meteorites, lunar craters, landscapes built by lava, anthropomorphic figures. Despite these associations, Biasiucci maintains “the bread is representative of the four natural elements of which it is composed, the epiphany of life.”

I volti (the faces), that also emerge from a darkness that highlights their somatic differences, come from a repertoire of casts of the faces of African tribes-people by the anthropologist Lidio Cipriani, made in the 1930’s and preserved in the Museum of Anthropology at the University Federico II of Naples. Biasiucci converts these faces in a desperate and figurative allegory of human existence, sought not in the individuality of the each one but in the multitude of diversity, of the differences of ethnicity and of culture, “the work I volti,” adds the artist, “ is a reflection of death. Bread and faces are in a deep blackness, a universe that unites life and death.”

The ex voto finds its proper dimension outside of sacred spaces, and it is there that it begins to be understood as a metalanguage, an array of visual communication in the religious paradigm. It is almost a forerunner of photography and, as such, so direct as to be understood by all.

"The photography of Antonio Biasiucci is a visionary revelation of “igneous phenomena,"of the sanctity of the quotidian aspects of existence. It is the discovery of the being in the remote traces, of nature traces of hidden memories. He is an explorer of caves who descends into the depths of the dream of humanity to retrace the ancient routes that have configured the program of our own humanity. (Antonello Scotti)

"This is the bread that I photographed and have eaten every day for a period of my life.

It is the living image of my mother, who was always making bread.

It is the synthesis of the four elements, the birth, the things of the cosmos.

These faces are casts of people that I have known and loved thanks to photography.

It is the repose of my mother, my trip to India,

Migrants who are lost in our seas.

Bread and faces are the life that comprises death, the death that comprises life. "
Antonio Biasiucci

The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Università di Napoli Federico II-Centro Musei delle Scienze Naturali\Museo di Antropologia e del Museo Madre di Napoli.

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