Solo show


29.Sep.05 - 30.Oct.05


Via dei prefetti, 17
00186 Roma


The Magazzino d'Arte Moderna is pleased to present Antonio Biasiucci's most recent body of work, Res. Res is the fourth volume of a visionary journey that stands at the limits of the visible, a work that vacilates between beginning and end, between origin and catastrophe.

From nude bodies, the texture of skin and crumbs of bread to volcanoes

From nudes, ………. To volcanoes and the immense outlines of the bodies of cows, we move now among the vitrines of scientific museums of stuffed animals, we stumble into the findings of Pompei, there appear before us gears, iron, steel, immobile looks and calques, seemingly impossible, of anthropomorphic figures: the organic and the industrial emerge from the semi-darkness like the metamorphosis of a world in continual and pulsating transformation, where the past, present and future are remixed with the memory of the origins. Interlacings, cross-references, intersections of material, offer us the marvelousness of a new look before the created.

Biasiucci's research, completed in 2000, encompasses, as in Corpus, numerous subjects and to each the artist dedicated a period of time, adopting a methodology that is fundamental for him. The war in Kosova becomes a point of inspiration for the first part of the work: Italsider, a factory in Bagnoli, a disused steelworks area, represents the dismantling of the world. He gathers the opaque remains, the relics of abandoned cultures.

The other subjects that gradually amplified the work reinforce the drama of solitude, of abandonment, of the end. The .. and the absolute. Each single photograph is the incarnation of a metaphor and together, they construct a fantastic romance of a suspended world.