TBT (Turn Back Time)


Group show


21.Jun.18 - 28.Jul.18


Via dei prefetti, 17
00186 Roma


Magazzino is happy to announce the second leg of the group exhibition TBT (To Be Titled, Turn Back Time), that will open Thursday 21 June 2018. The exhibition, begun on May 11th, will be redesigned with the addition of works by Renato Leotta, Yudith Levin, Jorge Peris and Alessandro Piangiamore, renewing the idea of a faceted dialogue between gallery artists (Peris, Piangiamore) and non-represented artist (Leotta, Levin) whose works will integrate with the ones by Massimo Bartolini, Guillermo Galindo, David Schutter, Nicola Martini, Matteo Nasini and Namsal Siedlecki already on show at the gallery.

If the works exhibited in To Be Titled seemed to advance a reflection on their own condition, of being “final” and “finished” objects but still open to developments and a choral dimension, Turn Back Time introduces time as a central element to the works in the show; Leotta e Piangiamore, through different paths and outcomes, reflect on the action of elements allotting time a crucial role in the developing of their works. In the series Zeit und Wasser, whose works the artist defines as lunagrams, Renato Leotta materializes the delicate presence of moonlight filtered by water sea, using the photographic medium. In Tutto il vento che c’è, Alessandro Piangiamore exposes small blocks of pressed soil to the action of atmospheric agents, for a certain period of time, collecting then the result which has become, in the meantime, a portrait of a place and a specific wind. Light, air, water and wind are the elements used by the two artists to express the poetic potential of the recording of a “here and now” (even though it would be more appropriate to speak about a “here, and for a certain time”) immediately disclosed in the final form.

The works by Jorge Peris and Yudith Levin dialogue in a very different context: the re-use and rewriting of found objects which are introduced in the realm of sculpture. The works by Yudith Levin refer strongly to the history of art by recovering codes and iconographical references from the historical avant-gardes – specifically, cubist and expressionist painting, re-writing them within a new framework that introduces a third dimension and exalts the individual nature of each of the objects used for her works. Jorge Peris, on the other hand, in a sort of private system of reconstruction, juxtaposes found fragments of architectural structures and furniture, recombining them into ambiguous objects, with an undefined attitude of playfulness yet totemic, almost sacred nature, that invade the space in an almost “total” way.

TBT (To Be Titled, Turn Back Time) is a project curated by Gabriele Gaspari. The exhibition will be open until 28 July 2018; for information and images, please contact the gallery at +39066875951 or by email at info@magazzinoartemoderna.com.

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