Una Piccola Mostra Astratta


Solo show


11.May.12 - 31.Jul.12


Via dei prefetti, 17
00186 Roma


Magazzino is pleased to announce A small abstract exhibition…, the second solo show of Pedro Cabrita Reis in the gallery.
The artist will present a series of works conceived specifically for the gallery’s space, combining his research that centres around the dialogue between art and architecture with references to the city and the history of Rome, producing a variety of stimuli and different levels of interpretation. In his work, Cabrita Reis distances himself from a scientific and rational concept of architecture, and prefers a more poetic approach: “Architecture is far from being a source of inspiration to me. What really challenges me is the endless complexity of the primordial and yet ever-present (eternal?) human act of constructing. Architecture comes much after this founding gesture of humanity.”
The work of Pedro Cabrita Reis is complex and examines the questions related to the passage of time, space, and the possible connections between different materials. Since the early nineties the artist masterfully uses architectural materials such as concrete, brick, wood, steel, metals, beams and fragments of real architecture, which are combined with the elements of visual arts such as enamels, pigments, fluorescent lights, in order to create poetic and immaginative works, with a political significance that recount memories related to the context in which they are placed, and what they represent.
The artist’s work revolves around the themes of living and building, developed in relation to space as an extensive territory: starting from simple items of daily life and creating installations that expand to become imposing and complex structures that include the entire exhibition space.
The artist constantly investigates the fundamental principles of art in his work exploring the many possibilities of different mediums. Through the contamination of drawing and sculpture, he brings to life a “sculptural methodology” of the drawing that unfolds in the surrounding space with new architectural lines that break down and transcend the real boundaries.

Exhibition views