Solo show


14.May.21 - 30.Jun.21


Via dei prefetti, 17
00186 Roma


Magazzino is happy to announce VENTIVENTUNO, the third solo show by Daniele Puppi at the gallery space after FATICA N.17 (2002) e BLAST (2013). The exhibition will be accompanied by a critical contribution of Valentino CatricalĂ  and Barbara London.

In VENTIVENTUNO Daniele Puppi presents four new video installations:

FANTASTIC VOYAGE (2021), begins from a fragment of the eponymous movie by Richard Fleischer (1966), inspired in turn by Isaac Asimov’s book. A sci-fi and absurd journey inside the human body. The unlikely scene of the voyage, has been radically transformed by the artist through an unusual presentation in which the very same image is projected in a specular way on two screens, creating the illusion of three-dimensionality.

MENOCCHIO (2021), presents a bizarre anthropomorphic creature running: a loop video in which the main character will not ever arrive to destination, trapped in an everlasting effort that unfolds itself in a single space-time segment.

NOTTURNO (2020), the work captures what the artist sees outside his studio: an electromagnetic storm during the end of the summer. For a lengthy time-frame, a series of electric discharges follow one another. The perception of the discharges is amplified by the artist’s post-production. This landscape, charged with mystery, emanates ambiguous and not entirely definable forces.

MASTER BLASTER (2020), is an audio-video installation that recombines some images of Buster Keaton’s movie Sherlock Jr. (1924). The images are revived by a hissing and tormenting sound that overturn the original comic state of the movie into an anxious race towards death.

VENTIVENTUNO is a temporal state of mind. A contraction of time subtracted from our daily rituals.

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