Antonio Biasiucci. Arca | Gallerie d'Italia - Torino


Gallerie d'Italia ­– Torino presents Antonio Biasiucci's exhibition Arca, third chapter of the project "La Grande Fotografia Italiana" (The Great Italian Photography) curated by Roberto Koch.

In this exhibition, for the first time, the different chapters of Biasiucci's "utopian poem" are presented together: between powerful polyptychs, sequences of images, singular works, the effort is to create a poetic and extended representation of human's life, in a voyage that tackles profound existential themes, essentials elements of life always starting from personal experience, and thus, autobiographical elements which have forged the personality and sensibility of the artist himself.

The deep black in which often everything is wrapped in Biasiucci's photography demands to the observer the particular effort of letting oneself be carried away by amazement, to be able to live and recognize the primordial flash, the source, the origin of life that can be seen as various forms dynamically in transformation. Everything deals with something essential, just like the Ark which contains archetypes or the pyramid, the utopian construction made of many possible blocks, of an effort and absolute dream.