Sette lavori di Vedovamazzei


Solo show


18.Dec.10 - 7.Mar.11


Via dei prefetti, 17
00186 Roma


For their fourth solo show in the gallery Vedovamazzei present a series of new works with different media, ranging from drawing to painting, from assemblage to installation. These works speak openly about the idea of transformation, exchange of state and material metamorphosis.
Seven works by Vedovamazzei is a show on life seen from the point of view of death, where decay and disintegration are necessary premises of the creative process: whereby ashes become pictorial substance, glue or assembling material, and whereby cigarette papers are aligned and transformed into a support – the starting point of the creative process, but at the same time, the final point of the artistic action. An action where, materially, the saliva used to melt the papers is the medium, the living substance that, disappearing, leaves the objectivity of a new being. All these elements give the idea of artistic practice as a continuous process of manipulation and transformation which can be endless or an end in and of itself; wherein the more minimal the gesture, the more exaggerated the result and vice-versa.
Thus, works become the many and possible reifications, stopped instants of an ineluctable cycle, which suggest death as an opportunity for a new life.